Tuesday, March 30, 2010

18 sketch sections

Some Nouns,Verbs and Adjectives may have been repeated. This is to show most of my drawings and the progression of my ideas. I've added captions on the ones that haven't got headings on the photo's.



Left: Fluid & Insightful. Right: Fluid Layered

Top Left: Powerful

Top left: Layered. Bottom Right:Layered

Top Right: Expressing

Top Left: Struggle

Top: Expressing, Struggle. Bottom: Struggle,Fluid.

Top: Insightful. Bottom: Fluid

Top: Insightful. Bottom: Expressing.


Top: Expressing. Bottom: Insightful

Top:Powerful. Bottom: Insightful

Stair Sections

THis is the stair design for the first draft model.

This is the sketchs for the second draft stairs.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sketch up Sections

This is the sketch that i'm basing my sketch up on. the key here is the chain loaded hoist in the middle that connects all the floors and can bring art to any place in the gallery.

This is the two images i made from google sketch up based on one that i picked out of my sketch sections.

The top section is Richard Goodwin "FLUID" the bottom is Ricky Swallow "LAYERED"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

ARCH1101 week 1

This is a silly little creative thing i've done lately. Its pretty hard to tell what it is no doubt but its meant to be a person smoking a pipe. The saucepan is the pipe and the sixpack rapper is the hair off the back of the stereo which is the head.

This is a hand sketch of the sydney clock tower at town hall. the attention to detail is amazing and together with shading it really adds depth to the draft. I found this sketch in the bargain bin of a art supply store for $10. it has to be worth tones more than that.

This is a bueatiful place i have choosen. Firstly this photo was taken while on holidays in columbia on a boat trip out to some coral islands in the caribbean. I like the modern futuristic hotels built right next the palm bungalows. these places are only a metre above sea level giving me a definet feel of water world or the true island experience.

Richard Goodwin

Fluid, Expressing and Powerful

Ricky Swallow

Layered, Struggle and insightful

Patricia Piccinini
Open, complex and Maternal